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The ECM Mechanika IV Profi Rotary Coffee Machine is a high-end espresso machine for home use that is built to deliver cafe-quality coffee. It features a heat exchanger system, a rotary pump, and an E61 group head. The heat exchanger system allows you to brew espresso and steam milk simultaneously, while the rotary pump delivers quiet and consistent pressure. The E61 group head is a commercial-grade brew head that is designed to maintain optimal brewing temperature.


  • Heat exchanger system for simultaneous espresso brewing and milk steaming
  • Rotary pump for quiet and consistent pressure
  • E61 group head for optimal brewing temperature
  • 2.1L stainless steel boiler
  • 3L internal water tank (can also be plumbed in to a fixed water connection)
  • Professional steam and hot water wand.
  • Removable cup warming tray
  • Stainless steel body

ECM Mechanika IV Rotary Coffee Machine

AU$3,990.00 Regular Price
AU$3,249.00Sale Price
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