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The Lelit Combi with PID (model PL042TEMD) combines a good quality Italian espresso machine with a burr grinder and PID temperature controller to give you everything you need to make cafe quality coffee at home. The built in PID temperature controller maintains the correct brew temperature and allows fine tuning for different coffee beans. It also controls the steam power to ensure there is enough steam to properly texture milk. The brew pressure gauge shows whether you are brewing at the optimal pressure. The Lelit Combi has earned it's place as one of the best value Italian made espresso machines, and now it comes with factory installed PID.

Lelit Anita - PL42TEMD

    • dual control PID temperature controller (brew and steam)
    • a brew pressure gauge,
    • 9BAR over pressure valve (OPV),
    • durable metal toggle switches
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