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The performance of the new Lelit Giulietta X is sensational. The X is even better than the old version in terms of it’s stability. This is partially due to the re-design of its two heat exchangers and partially due to the clever digital temperature controller. The new digital temperature controller on the Giulietta X uses PID technology to keep the boiler at the correct temperature and also drops the temperature of the boiler after a period of non-use so that the brew water doesn’t overheat.

Pre infusion can be set for each volumetric button independently.


The Lelit Giulietta is a commercial coffee machine only 58cm wide hand crafted in Italy to produce authentic espresso with modern levels of consistency and reliability demanded by today's professional baristas.

The Giulietta stands out from other 2 group commercial machines due to its compact size and the ability to run off a standard 10 Amp powerpoint. Even so it has full commercial credentials with its 10 litre boiler and full E61 commercial group heads, two cool touch steam wands and centrally mounted hot water wand.

Lelit Giulietta X Commercial coffee machine

    • Operates from a standard 10Amp powerpoint;
    • Temperature stable - no cooling flushes required;
    • Great steam - microfoam is easy;
    • Comfortably makes 120 regular milk coffees per hour without dropping boiler pressure or brew temperature;
    • 10 lt copper boiler with transversal heat exchangers and front injector keeps constant water temperature;
    • E61 type groups, NSF-treated, heated with thermo-siphonic cycle system;
    • Rotary pump;
    • Beautiful ultra-polished stainless steel finish for the front panel, brushed stainless steel on the side with stainless steel cup surround;
    • Dual-acting, high-precision gauge shows both pump pressure and boiler pressure during extraction;
    • Multi-directional steam and water wand allow movement of steam wand in many different directions;
    • 2 x cool touch steam wands;
    • 1 x centrally mounted water wand;
    • Wide cup warmer;
    • Adjustable feet;
    • 58 mm commercial filterholder;
    • Easy inspection and cleaning;
    • ECO mode;
    • Ready for use in 30 minutes;
    • Programmable pre infusion;
    • Dimensions LxDx H: 58x48x49cm