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The Lelit Mara X (PL62X) is the most compact E61-equipped heat exchanger espresso machine in the world! This machine won't take over the whole kitchen bench but will be able to keep up when the whole gang orders espressos, cappuccinos and everything in between.

It is also the only heat exchanger espresso machine in the world to have two temperature probes to ensure brew water is at the correct temperature while maintaining steam pressure as high as possible for easier milk texturing. 

Lelit Mara X PL62X

    • 1.8L stainless steel boiler with heat exchanger and thermo-siphon double cycle system to have the brewing group and the boiler always warm, at the right temperature.
    • Internal pipes in copper.
    • Internal PID temperature controller instead of mechanical pressurestat for stable temperature control
    • Double manometer to check the brew and steam pressure.
    • Stainless steel on/off switch.
    • Separate pilot lights.
    • Water level control in the tank and automatic heating element cut off in cases of lack of water.
    • Manual rearm security thermostat.
    • Settable over pressure valve.
    • Anti-burn steam and water wands.
    • 58mm LELIT filterholder to be operated with ground coffee.
    • blind filter
    • 1 double portafilter
    • single,double and triple filter baskets
    • 35L water softner
    • The Mara X comes with a 58.55 tamper so no need to purchase a precise fit 


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