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This is the latest model Quick Mill Andreja Premium PID

The Andreja is a heat exchanger machine which means it can make coffee and steam milk at the same time.


The Andreja Premium utilises an E61 thermosyphon system with a PID to enable you to extract consistent espresso shot after shot, with the interface also doubling as a shot timer allowing you to keep track of how long your extraction takes.


The Andreja Premium also includes a Quick Mill pulsor device on the vibrating pump that helps to stabilise the pump pressure and mute the noise of the normally noisy vibrating pump.

Quick Mill - Andreja Premium PID

    • Inbuilt PID Control with Shot Timer
    • 1.8L Copper boiler
    • 1400w heating element
    • E61 grouphead
    • No burn steam arm
    • Steam pressure gauge
    • Pump pressure gauge
    • Magnetic low water sensor with alarm
    • Vibrating pump with pulsar
    • 2.5L litre water tank
    • Hinged water tank cover
    • Dimensions (WxDxH in cm): 30 x 45 x 40
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