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The latest release from Quick Mill is this fantastic compact coffee machine - RUBINO
It is extremely compact in size at just 265mm wide
The Rubino is a heat exchanger machine which means it can make coffee and steam milk at the same time.
It has an exclusive Quick Mill pulsor device added to the vibration pump. This  pulsor device helps to stabilize the pump pressure and improve quietness.
The Rubino features an E61 group allowing a good stability of the extraction temperature.

Quickmill Rubino- Heat Exchange

    • Heat Exchange - Make Coffee and froth milk at the same time
    • Copper boiler 1.8L thermally insulated
    • Automatic pump refilling with electronic level sensor
    • E61 Group Head
    • Steam wand in steel
    • Water wand in steel
    • Manometer boiler pressure control
    • Magnetic sensor low water
    • Vibration pump with pulsor
    • Cup Warmer new design
    • Capacity water tank Lt. 3
  • Free first year service ($160) not including parts cost.

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